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Sample: Retroreflectors

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VOB Lumex can generate the hollow corner cube of a retroreflector from the base geometric object 'Pyramide'. Here the number of sides is set to 3, the radius of the base to 100 * square root of 2 and the height to 100.
Two idealized light sources (S1) and (S2) with diameters of 10 and a divergence of 0 shine into the reflector. The light is reflected back as expected.
The virtual probe plane (P) is located on the left of the light sources. The reflected beams hit the probe plane at two spots.

Color map of illuminance Vertical section
Horizontal section

The color map of illuminance shows two spots where the reflected beams hit the virtual probe plane.
Additionally, two graphs show the illuminance along a vertical and an horizontal section of the plane. The sections cross at the origin of the coordinate system. Of course, you may select sections crossing at any point of the plane.

More samples?
The trial version of VOB Lumex contains a lot of samples covering nearly any application of illumination programs. Use these samples as starting points for own designs.

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