Work with Analysis Results

Saving/Loading Analysis Results

With Application, you can save results of calculations  in a file and loading this file any time you want to compare saved results with the current one.

Following results will be saved with file:

Internal edn format is used to save analysis results. Correspondingly, saved files will have *.edn extension. Please donít try to edit data file using any external editor.

To save analysis results:

Surface Maps are not saved with analysis results file

To load previously saved results:

After loading calculated results you can use the View controls window to work with the previously calculated spatial energy distribution. Note although you can load preliminary saved analysis results even with empty, new system you have to load appropriate Optical System before. Otherwise, loaded results will be distorted as it shown below:

Analysis results loaded with appropriate Optical System

Analysis results loaded with new, empty Optical System

Note Surface Maps was not restored with loading of preliminary saved analysis results.

Creating/Viewing Reports

Application provides the possibility of saving calculation results in a form, which is close to that he can see during working session. User can order creating report file. Report file has html format, and both tabular and graphical information can be placed there. User has the opportunity to create a new report file or to put some new information into the existing one and append its former contents.

In order to start work with the report file you should call the pull-down Report menu from the Main menu with the following items:

The New key controls creation of a new report file. If New key is set active, (i.e. has tick), then the new report will be created every time when user orders transfer of information into the report. The name of report file always coincides with the name of current optical system but with the extension *.html. If item "New" is not chosen (has no tick) the new records will be appended into existing Report file.

NOTE: If user had ordered several records into the report file, keeping the tick present in the New row, then the report file will contain only one last record, and all previous will be overwritten. So, in order to continue accumulating results into the report file, one should replace the tick after the first record into the new report file made.

All these commands permit to place each of the said components into the Application report file separately. Single user's selection puts only one component into the report. The resulting component, which is intended for the report must be displayed in the Application workplace, otherwise saving of it to the report file is unavailable.